Thursday, 15 June 2017

Top 10 CCTV Cameras brand in india

In these days everyone is want to install CCTV camera in ours office, Home and anymore. And it's very important for security purpose. But the main problem for user to select best  brands for cctv cameras. Now there are many CCTV camera brands available in market but the question is who is good or best brand for you and that's very difficult to choose.

Top 10 CCTV Cameras brand in india

In this article I have show you which is top 10 best CCTV brands that's available in India. And its help you to select best CCTV brands for your home and office.

Top 10 CCTV Cameras brand in India

  1. HikVision
  2. Cp Plus
  3. Dahua
  4. Hi-Focus
  5. Samsung
  6. Zicom
  7. Vintron
  8. Maczone
  9. Tentronix
  10. Touchtec

1. Hikvision :- Hikvision is No.1 CCTV brand in India. It is also leading cctv brand in all over world. It was founded in 2001. Hikvision  provides IP cameras, analog cameras, hd cameras, DVR and NVR. Hikvision CCTV cameras based to HD turbo technology with CMOS sensor. We recommended you hikvision is best and first choice for your CCTV camera installation.

2. Cp Plus :- Cp plus is a another no.1 brand in India. It is a also good choice for CCTV brand. Cpplus provides good quality CCTV cameras in low cost price in India. CP PLUS, The world’s preferred leader in Surveillance Products, its provides the widest range of Cameras (Network Cameras, HD cameras & Analog Cameras), Recorders (DVRs & NVRs) in its surveillance products.

3. Dahua :- Dahua Technology is a provider of video surveillance products and services. Dahua  is a 2nd most popular brand in India. Dahua Technology is same as compare to CPplus. Dahua cctv cameras based on High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) technology. It is also best option for home and office based cctv cameras installation. 

4. Hi-Focus :-  Hi-Focus is a another good option for surveillance security. Hi-Focus is most popular brand in India. Hi-Focus CCTV cameras comes both with HD, AHD and HD-CVI technology. This product is available in India with good quality and good price.

5. Samsung :- Samsung is a world famous brand in surveillance security. It is also top in Indian market. Samsung CCTV cameras comes with very high quality but Samsung surveillance security cameras cost wise very high. If you need good quality and good video performance so go with Samsung product.

6. Zicom :- Zicom is another good brand that's available in Indian market. Zicom provides a compete rang of surveillance product. Zicom CCTV cameras work with HDTVI technology and its also available with good price. So Zicom is a batter option to choose best cctv brand for you.

7. Vintron :- Most of the Indian people not known this brand but this is a pour Indian brand from 19991. Its all product in made in India. Its provides you a  high quality product in very good cost. It's a also good choice in CCTV brands.

8. Maczone :- Maczone is also good choice in cctv brand for you. It's available in very low of cost with good quality in Indian market. Maczone provides full surveillance security solution, CCTV accessories and led TV also available. Mac-zone  provides you a good video quality in CCTV cameras so i suggest you always mac-zone if you have low widget.

9. Tentronix :- Tentrinix is new in Indian market  but its very popular brand in few years. Its provides full cctv solution CCTV cameras, DVR's NVR's , CCTV accessories, cable and many more. Tentronix product are easily available in market  with good quality and batter price.So it is also a good choice for your CCTV cameras.

10. Touchtec :- Touchtec no.10 in my list but its  butter then. Touchtec is provides full range of surveillance security. Its provides all CCTV cameras, bio-metric, Video recorder, Accessories and many more. Touchtec CCTV cameras quality is very good and its available in good price that's a good choice for your home and office base CCTV installation.

Sparsh is also a very good choice in CCTV installation. I hope this post is helps you to select best CCTV brands  for your home and office base CCTV installation. If you like this article so share this with your friends on social media.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

How to increase virtual memory in computer and speed up of your computer

Virtual memory is a inbuilt memory in your computer. That's helps to run application in your os and also help to run your computer faster. If your computer physical memory is low and your computer is running slow so you can increase your computer speed by increase your computer virtual memory. When you run multi application on same time in your computer then your computer running slow in this case virtual memory helps you to boost your computer speed.

How to increase virtual memory in computer and speed up of your computer

So in this post i will show you how you can increase your computer virtual memory and increase your computer speed easily.

1 Right click on My computer and open properties.

open system properties.

2. Click on System protection.
3. Go to advance tab
4. Under Performance click on setting button.

open system properties.

5. Go to advance tab
6. Under Virtual memory click on change button

open virtual memory in computer

7. In virtual memory window un-check box on Automatically manage paging file size for all drives 
8.Click on custom size and enter your intial size and maximuam size in MB. (you can set your virtual memory size by that's free space available in your computer for example see image below 37927 is space available)

9. And click on Set button.
10. Click on OK button.

set virtual memory in computer

Now your virtual memory size is increased.

virtual memory set

I hope this article is helps you to increase virtual memory in your computer. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.

You can Also watch this video:-

Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to earn money by playing games online

Hello friends in these days everyone want to earn money online with any way. And that's is very good thing because money needs everyone today. So in this post i will show you how can you earn money by playing online games.

So in this post we talk about fantasy cricket and fantasy football. You can play this game with real cash and won real cash daily. And requirement of playing this game some knowledge of cricket and football.
Now i know that what question in your mind. Is this game is legal? So I want to say its 100% legal, Its not a gambling. And this game is resisted with Fantasy Sports Trade  Association (FSTA) 

How to earn money playing fantasy cricket game.

So that's game is Dream11. And you know that its 100% legal so lets know how to play this game.

First you have need to create account on but i recommended you to Register your account with Dream11 pro app because you can earn 100 rupees free amount to play and if you invite your friend to play with this app so you both receved 100 rupees amount. it means if you invite 10 friends to play this game so you have received 1000 rupees.
So first download dream11 pro app here and after use this code SUDES201OP  to register there.
1 friend - 100 Rs.
10 Friends - 1000 Rs.
After creating a account on dream11 you have easily start your earning by easy steps-

1. First you have need to create your dream11 team for live match. and every match you have need to create your 11 players team. In this team you have need 3-5 batsman, 1 wicket keeper, 1-3 all rounder and 3-5 bowlers. view image below-

create team in dream11

2. Join a League with real cash. there are many league available for join.

join league in dream11

3. Win a league.

Won at top rank in dream11

(For example i have join this league with 180 rs and i have won 1500/-)

4. And withdraw your amount. (Your winning amount received in your bank account)

How can you won? How its works?

when you finish your team creation. Then wait for live match. When live match is started then you earn every player has 2 points (if your player are selected in playing 11 in live match. If your player not playing in current live match than you earn 0 point that's player). So First clear that just select that's players are more chance to selected in playing 11. When your all players are in playing 11 so you have earn 25 points.

Second thing is Select Caption or vice caption for your team. But how is your caption or vice caption. You need to select player to caption or vice caption that's is a good form. Means That's player you trust its playing well today. because your caption points are double in the  game and vice caption points are 1/2. Means if your caption or vice caption is playing good so your more chance to win the game or you get no 1 rank in league.

Third point system- when your players played in match so you have received point of every player. For example your bowler takes a wicket so you earn 10 points, or hit a six so you earn 1 point. To see all point list Click here

I hope this article is helps you to Earn money with play online game. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.

Friday, 31 March 2017

How to add hikvision hik-connect device dvr in IVMS 4200 software

Now hikvision Hiddns service is migrate to hik-connect and hiddns user account management service is now closed. It means you are not add new device on hiddns but all old device that's is already configured on hiddns that's all are working fine. You can view online hiddns configured device by IVMS-4200 and IVMS-4500 client software.

In few days many people asked me a question  How can we add hik-connect device to IVMS-4200 software with cloud P2P service. So its very easy. You can add hik-connect device easily on IVMS-4200 client software.
So if you want to add your hik-connect dvr to ivms-4200 client software, you have need to some requirment.

  • You have need to create account on Hik-connect
  • Register hik-connect P2P device to
  • Enable hik-connect P2P service in your DVR (IF you have old firmware so enable  EZVIZ cloud service in your dvr)
How to add hikvision hik-connect device dvr in IVMS 4200 software

First Enable Hik-connect service in your dvr (You can enable hik-connect in your dvr under Platform Access option)

1. For create account on hik-connect go to Hik-connect and fill all information
2. Check the box I agree service agreement
3. And click on next button.

Create hik-connect account

4. Enter verification code that's you are revived in your email address
5. Click on OK button.

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

Your hik-connect account is created successfully.

Now Download IVMS-4200 client software Download here...
And install in your computer After installation open IVMS-4200 software

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

After open IVMS-4200 it will ask you to register administrator
6. Enter any user name (for example sudesh) and your password that's you want to set.
7. Click on Register button

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

8. Now click on Device Management 

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

9. Click on add new device option
10. Check in hik-cloud P2P box/ EZVIZ cloud P2P device
11 Click on Ok Button

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

12. After that click on  hik-cloud P2P box/ EZVIZ cloud P2P device 
13. Click on Login option
14. Enter your hik-connect ID and Password to login that's you was created.
15. Now click on Login button.

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

16. Click on  hik-cloud P2P box/ EZVIZ cloud P2P device
17. Click on Add Device option to add your device dvr.
18. Enter your DVR device 9 digit S/N and verification code (You can find verification code and s/n back side label in your dvr box)
19. Click on OK button.

add hikvision dvr in ivms-4200

20. Now your device DVR is add successfully in IVMS-4200 software.


Friday, 24 March 2017

How to configure cp plus dvr for mobile view

 Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) CCTV is also know as Video surveillance
Today, we all need to become CCTV. Theft  in the world today is so large that we need security on our office, and  at home. CCTV cameras is best security surveillance for protect our home and office.

         There are many companies make CCTV surveillance product. CP-PLUS is one of them. That's provided you all security product. I am not doing marketing of CP-Plus product. You can buy any company product.I want to say that if you have install CCTV security surveillance device on your home and office.And many time you have to go away from home and office. So that time you want to see what happens on my home or office. If you want this so you have need to configure your CCTV device online on your mobile.

So today I'm going to show you how to  Configure CP-PLUS DVR online by InstaOn.

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How to Configure CP-PLUS DVR online by InstaOn.

1. First Go to cpplus  dvr setting and  Go to Setup
2. Go to Network setting and select TCP/IP
3. Then go to instaon
4. Enable instaon setting
5. Click on Save button.

Enable instaon in cpplus dvr

Go to your mobile and install cpplus app
For Android install gcmob App
For Iphone  install icmob  App

 Follow some steps in your Mobile :-

1. Open gcmob/icmob App in your mobile and Select Camera option
gcmob app

2. In menu bar option select Device Manger Click on + to add a new device
3. Select InstaOn
4. Enter Any name for your cctv dvr
5. Enter your dvr S/N
6. Enter Your Username  and user password
7. Click on live preview button

gcmob app

8. Now in menu select Live view to view 
9. Click on add dvr icon
10. Select your dvr that you want to view
11. Click on Start live preview

view cctv in mobile


I hope this Article is helps you to view cpplus cctv camera in your mobile .If you have  problem then ask your question in comment box or Question & Answer page. If this post is useful for you and you  like this post please share this post with your friend on  Facebook, twitter, Google plus and more .Please  comment your experience about this post in comment box, and you also follow  us  by email and other social media . 

Friday, 17 March 2017

How to find saved wifi password in computer

When we connect WiFi to computer then WiFi's password saved in computer. And many times we forget the password of WiFi. If  you forget your wifi password so we have to know it by open router setting. But in this article we know that how can we find wifi password that's saved in your computer.

So to find saved wifi password in your computer is very easy. And to find your saved password you have need to follow some steps below-

How to find saved wifi password in computer

1. First right click on Network icon on desktop and click on properties for go to network and sharing center (You can also go to network and sharing center with going to control panel  > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing center)

How to find saved wifi password in computer

2. After go to Network and sharing center click on manage wireless network

How to find saved wifi password in computer

3. Select your wifi network. Right click on your wifi network and click on Properties.

How to find saved wifi password in computer

4. Click on Security tab
5. Check on Show characters.
6. See your password in under Network Security key option

How to find saved wifi password in computer

So now you will successfully seen your saved password in your computer. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article with your friends on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.