Sunday, 19 February 2017

How to fix website security certificate error in windows

There is a problem with this website security certificate is very common error in windows. This error occurs when you open a site URL in your web browser. But this is not a big problem you will be solved it easily.First you need to know the cause of security certificate error. Date and time incorrect and website is not trust-able is main reason of error.

If you have facing this error problem in your computer so don't wary. I will help you to fix this security certificate error in your computer. So to fix this error you have to follow the steps below.

1. Check date and time 

  • First check your computer date & time is accurate or not. because many times this error occur when data and time is not correct in your computer. If date and time is incorrect , correctly it and then see security certificate error is resolved or not. 
check date and time in computer

2. Turn off check certificate revocation 

  • Open internet explorer and Click on tools and select Internet Option.

open internet option in internet explorer

  • In internet option click on advanced option.
  • Find security in advanced option.
  • Under security option uncheck the box of option "Check for publisher's certificate revocation" and  "check for server certificate revocation*" option
  • Click on Apply and OK.
change security setting in internet explorer

Restart your browser and see your Security certificate error is now fixed.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Top 15 computer maintenance tips for computer user

 Computer maintenance tips for new computer users is very important to understand. So in this article I have tell you top 15 tips for make your computer safe.

1. Keep your computer software and operating system up to date. Because when your computer software is updated then its working properly.

2. Always install a good antivirus in your computer and update antivirus regularly for protract your computer from virus and malware. If you are using computer without antivirus so virus and malware is affected your computer. Whereby the risk of lost data in your computer. So install antivirus in your computer and keep safe your computer from virus, spam and malware.

3. After some times remove temporary and prefetch files from your computer. Because these too many files are affected your computer speed and there is a problem in computer hanging. So delete these files regularly.

4. Keep clean your computer from dust for  save your computer from overheating and hanging problem. You can use dust cover for your computer.

5. Uninstall unwanted or unused software and programs from your computer. Because unwanted softwares and programs efected your computer speed, your computer space and your RAM preformance.

6. Don't turn off your computer by pressing direct power button. Because direct computer off may damage your computer's hard disk. So proper shut down your computer or laptop and then press power off button.

7. Update your all old drivers. when you up to date  all driver so your computer hardware working properly. And you will get good performance.

8. Empty your recycle bin regularly and save your hard disk space. If you delete files in your computer and you don't delete the files from recycle bin, even then your hard disk capacity is not reduced. Because files are saved in your recycle bin so its important to empty your recycle bin regular.

9. Clear all your internet browser history. Because more internet browser history and files are reduced your browser, internet and  computer speed.

10. Always protect your computer with user password. Its very important for your computery security and your data safty. So always set user password and make your pc secure from others.

11. Backup your all data regularly on external hard disk drive for your data safety. Because many times in computer data accidentally deleted from us or many times data is deleted due to virus, malware and spam. So its very important to backup your all data in external hard disk drive.

12. Always use your computer on UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) for electricity backup. UPS prevents your computer suddenly shut down. So use UPS for your computer safety.

13. Always enable your windows firewall for your computer security. Firewall is security software by default in your windows. Firewall is blocked some harmful programs and its also secure your computer from network or internet. Many times you have need to disable firewall so disable firewall and then enable again.

14. Use disk cleanup - Disk cleanup is a inbuilt utility in windows. disk cleanup utility helps you for free up your hard disk space and increase your computer speed. So its very important\t to analyzes your hard disk with disk cleanup tool after few days or month.

15. Upgrade your computer hardware for best performance just like Ram, Processor, HDD. Many times your computer working very slow because you have install latest software, drivers and OS in your computer or laptop. So if your computer is low configuration supported hardware so you have need to upgrade your computer hardware just like RAM, Microprocessor for increase your speed and Hard Disk Drive to increase your computer storage.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

How to solve quick heal antivirus offline update without Internet

To update quick heal antivirus offline first you  download quick heal update file from internet anywhere.
After download  copy this file to your pen drive or external hard disk drive. then go to computer where you want to update quick heal antivirus offline.

how to update quick heal

  Open Run in your computer in windows 7 :go to start >all program >accessories >Run
  you also open with windows key + R on keyboard.

  Open Run in your computer in windows 8,8.1,10 : go to search menu and type Run and open.

 After open a Run menu type Quickup and press enter. welcome to quick update windows open now
 click on next > Click on specified location and click on file button >  Then open  window will open,now open your downloaded file location that you have copy in your pen drive or external hard disk drive.

Select  latest ( file name )file In download update file folder and click on open button .
Click on next button. Your quick heal antivirus is updating start  now after some time applying updates. After applying updates click on finish button .
Your antivirus in now update without internet.

Update Quick heal Antivirus other way.
Download update file from quick heal website and save it on your computer ,pen drive or external hard disk drive.
Then open downloaded file and run it. click on update now button 
your antivirus in updating now  please wait for progress after complete click on finish button.

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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

In this article i have help you to configure cpplus DVR online by DDNS. For configure CP plus DVR online you have need to follow some steps : -
Login your CP plus in computer with DVR ip address or open DVR on LED screen by VGA or HDMI cable.

1. Go to setup
2. Click on Network and select TCP/IP  option.
3. Select static and enter IP Address for your DVR. (Enter ip address same as your  router ip series)

For Example :-

  • IP Address  
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway     (Your router IP address)  
  • Pre. DNS    
  • Alt. DNS     
4. Click on Save button.

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

5. Now go to DDNS option >Setup >Network > DDNS
6. In DDNS option click enable DDNS. 
7. Select CP Plus DDNS- free in DDNS type option.
8. Enter your Domain name that you want to set 
9. See your URL ( and click on save button. (before clicking on save button see internet status connect or not)

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

Now time to router setup (Port forwarding)
Login in your router. open your router setting by IP address If you don't know your router ip address then see IP address user name and password back side of your router device )

10. Go to application and go to DMZ host. (In some routers you can find DMZ setting in advanced menu)

11. Click on enable to enable DMZ .  Enter IP address of your DVR device in DMZ host IP address and click on save button

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

12. Now open web browser in your in your computer enter your URL ( .

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

Congratulation your CP Plus DVR is now configured for online viewing by DDNS.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to reset hikvision dvr password

Now days everyone has installed CCTV cameras in homes and office. And everyone is changing the password of your DVR. Sometimes you forgot your password what was you change. In this case you have need to reset your dvr password. So in this article i will show how can you reset your hikvision dvr password.

How to reset hikvision DVR password. you have need to follow some steps below- 
To reset your hikvision dvr first download SADP tool    Download 
Install SADP tool in computer or laptop. Connect the DVR device in local network and Open SADP tool, Select the device to be recover for password.

You also read-

1 Select your DVR that's you want to reset password.
2. And click on forgot password.

open sadp tool bt hikvision

3. Click on Export button (after that it will ask you to save file)

how to reset hikvision dvr password

4. Save XML file in your computer drive

reset dvr password

5.  You can save file in anywhere but i suggest you to create a new folder in your any drive and save file.

how to reset hikvision dvr password

6. Now mail this XML file to attach xml file that you save in your computer drive.

send exported file to hikvision

7. Wait some time hikvision reply you to your email. You will get one encryption key from hikvison. After receiving key save that in your computer drive or save any folder.

reset hik vision dvr password

8. Open sdap tool again and click on forget password but now provide the path of encryption key that you have saved in your computer.

9. Enter new password that's you want to set (For example sudesh@123). Enter password again to confirm password.

10. Click on Confirm button to reset the password.

enter new password and reset hikvision dvr password

Now enjoy your dvr password has reset successfully.

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Top 5 selfie app for android mobile

Nowadays everyone has to buy android smartphone. And every people see good features in the phone and one of the feature is good front camera for take selfie. But for taking a good and beautiful selfie along with good camera, good selfie app is also important.

And in this article i will show you top 5 selfie app for your android phone. That's helps you to take perfect and good selfie.

  • BeautyPlus - East Photo Editor
  • Candy Camera - Selfie Photo
  • Retrica
  • YouCam Perfect - Selfie Camera
  • BestMe Selfie Camera 

Top 5 selfie app for android

1. BeautyPlus - East Photo Editor

Beauty plus is a most popular app for selfie. Around the world more then 100 millions people are used beauty plus app. Beauty plus app are available for android and ios absolutely free. You can create beautiful and natural photo or selfie with this app. You can edit your face, eyes , teeth, color, hair color and much more in your photo.

BeautyPlus - East Photo Editor logo

Feature of Beauty Plus :- Skin editor, perfect eyes, perfect smile, live auto re-touch, magic brush

Download BeautyPlus app for android

2. Candy Camera - Selfie Photo

Candy Camera is 2nd most popular selfie app for taking beautiful selfie. around the world more then 100 millions user of candy camera app. With candy camera app you can take beautiful selfie anywhere anytime.
Candy Camera - Selfie Photo logo

Feature of candy camera- Filters of selfies, Beauty Functions, Stickers, Silent camera.

Download Candy Camera app 

3. Retrica

Retrica is 3rd most popular selfie app. more then 300 millions user already downloaded Retrica app. You can take photos and videos with awesome filters, and make own album with your friends.
Retrica logo

Feature of Retrica-
Real-time Filters: No more post-editing! Capture what you see on the screen with real-time filters.

Private Album: Make your own album with your friends to share photos and videos together.
Create a GIF: Turn your collage shots or video into GIF with just one simple tap.
Shuffle Filters: Tap the shuffle button when you want a pleasant surprise, or just when you don’t know which filter to choose.
Share: Upload your photos to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Download Retrica App

4. YouCam Perfect - Selfie Camera

Youcam perfect is very good and popular app for take selfie. You can easily edit your selfie photos and make perfect and stylish. You can edit your selfie with try frames and collage, add stickers, add text, give blur and give special effects.

YouCam Perfect - Selfie Camera logo

Download You Cam Perfect app

5. BestMe Selfie Camera

BestMe Selfie Camera is one one of the most popular app for selfie in the world. You can easily edit your photos with help of BestMe Selfie Camera app. BestMe Selfie Camera app very popular for its unique feature (Specially designed camera & editor for selfie, 125 real time filters, Mirror real time filter, Halo real time filter, no crop for Instagram, Stickers design for selfie  )

BestMe Selfie Camera logo

Download BestMe Selfie app

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