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How to configure cp plus dvr for mobile view

 Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) CCTV is also know as Video surveillance
Today, we all need to become CCTV. Theft  in the world today is so large that we need security on our office, and  at home. CCTV cameras is best security surveillance for protect our home and office.

         There are many companies make CCTV surveillance product. CP-PLUS is one of them. That's provided you all security product. I am not doing marketing of CP-Plus product. You can buy any company product.I want to say that if you have install CCTV security surveillance device on your home and office.And many time you have to go away from home and office. So that time you want to see what happens on my home or office. If you want this so you have need to configure your CCTV device online on your mobile.

So today I'm going to show you how to  Configure CP-PLUS DVR online by InstaOn.

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How to Configure CP-PLUS DVR online by InstaOn.

1. First Go to cpplus  dvr setting and  Go to Setup
2. Go to Network setting and select TCP/IP
3. Then go to instaon
4. Enable instaon setting
5. Click on Save button.

Enable instaon in cpplus dvr

Go to your mobile and install cpplus app
For Android install gcmob App
For Iphone  install icmob  App

 Follow some steps in your Mobile :-

1. Open gcmob/icmob App in your mobile and Select Camera option
gcmob app

2. In menu bar option select Device Manger Click on + to add a new device
3. Select InstaOn
4. Enter Any name for your cctv dvr
5. Enter your dvr S/N
6. Enter Your Username  and user password
7. Click on live preview button

gcmob app

8. Now in menu select Live view to view 
9. Click on add dvr icon
10. Select your dvr that you want to view
11. Click on Start live preview

view cctv in mobile


I hope this Article is helps you to view cpplus cctv camera in your mobile .If you have  problem then ask your question in comment box or Question & Answer page. If this post is useful for you and you  like this post please share this post with your friend on  Facebook, twitter, Google plus and more .Please  comment your experience about this post in comment box, and you also follow  us  by email and other social media . 

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  1. How to recover password for gcmob for user name 'admin'. It's not the default password, I remember to change it but now I forgot. Can u help me!!

    1. Mr. Ananh Khanna i suggest you to uninstall gcmob app and install again.

  2. How do i connect it through the internet?

  3. Hi my self ibrahim
    In hurry i forgoted my gcmob instaon password can you help me to recover that please

    1. I am not understand which password you have forget. If you forget your dvr login password that's use for browsing in instaon so read this or if you forget instaon id password so go to and click on forget password you have easily recoverd it
      thanks for visit

  4. There many people that do not know about this setup and want to do. Monitoring CCTV indoor security camera from mobile is more convenient. You can watch it from anywhere anytime you want. Thanks for sharing this setup guide

  5. Hi myself fairoos,if the hardisk not proper,the instaon will not be working? I cant change offline to online, if you have any remedy for that

    1. there are no issue instaon with hard disk. if you are not connected hard disk in your dvr then instaon working fine

  6. The app tells me that the user is black list.
    What am I doing wrong

    1. You can login with admin account or create new user in your dvr and login with new user. if you have faced same problem then reset your dvr in default setting and try again

  7. Thanks Alot!! Your guide for mobile setup worked for me.