1. Window installation error problem.
    step cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file contact the vendor of your windows installation disc or your system administrator for assistance.
    Plz find my problem

    1. First tell me what is your name and witch windows you have installing.

      That's problem you are facing it is vary difficult to say exact reason of this problem. but i suggest you to follow some steps-

      1 first check your installation disk media it is OK or not i means there are some scratch on media. so you need to check another media.

      2 It may be your DVD writer problem sometimes computer DVD r/w is nor reading a DVD properly .it has missing some files while reading a media .so you should install windows by external dvd writer or by bootable pen drive .

      3 if 1 or 2 steps are OK so i need to suggest you check your RAM that's is installed on your motherboard. if you have another then change it .

      i hope its helps you to install your windows.(you also check your computer bios setting its ok or not)
      But first check your installation media or dvd writer its should work.
      thanks for visit our site and keep coming back .

  2. Sir im rajneesh ..i have seen your site earlier..sir i follow some instructions ..
    Encrypt passwords .
    I have locked my pc from encrupt password by a key win+R = syskey
    I have to disable this lock .. how can i disable this one please help me ....
    It asks me password at startup...
    I know what is pascode..
    But i want to remove this

    1. Hi rajneesh first thanks to visit our site. You ask a question you set a startup password and now you want to remove it now so you need to repate same proccess again open run box types syakey. When startup password windows is open then select a option system genrated password then press a ok button. After that it will ask you a your current srartup password. Enter your current password and press ok.you have show massage your startup password is updated successfully.

      Thanks again to visit here.

    2. Thanka sir my problem.was solved Great Sudesh sir

  3. I am Gopal Sharma from jaipur. when i open any site = nothing opens and the screen flashes with

    "Security Error - This website requires Google Chrome security plugin.
    Install Now
    There are false antivirus alarms. We recommend temporarily disable anti-virus software"

    I have tried so many measure but in vain. Please held

    1. Gopal sharma i recommend you to uninstall your chrome browser and reinstall again. and you should delete your all browser history.