In a domain network, we create user accounts in the Active Directory (AD). Users logon to the domain using client PCs. A computer account of the client PC is to be created in the Active Directory. In other words, client PCs are to be made members of the domain and only then users can logon using the clients.

How to create computer account?
How to make a client member of the domain?

1.     Go to your client PC and open TCP/IP properties.
2.     Give the DNS server address in the ‘Preferred DNS server’ box. If both Active Directory and DNS are present in the Domain Controller (DC), just type the ip of the DC.
3.     Right-click on ‘My Computer’ > properties > Computer name.
4.     Click on Change.
5.     In the Domain, type name of your domain (e.g., > O.K.
6.     Enter username as Administrator and password of the DC.
7.     Click O.K. and then again O.K.
8.     Restart the PC.
9.     Now PC is the member of the domain.


To create user accounts in the Active Directory, go to your DC and open programs > administrative tools > Active Directory Users and Computers.
Click on the domain-name (e.g., Right-click on Users > new > user.
User accounts created in the AD are called Domain Users. To logon with a Domain User Account:
1. Create a user ‘Seema’ in the AD.
2. Now go to client PC which must be the member of the domain.
3. Suppose your domain name is, so in the logon screen, type:
4. Then type the password of the user and click O.K.