We create a domain ''. This domain can be called parent domain or root domain. Now '' will be child domain or sub domain of
                We create child domains to ease administration in very large domain networks. We can create parent domain in the Head Office of the company and the child domains in the branch offices.
Each branch office will have its own administrator to manage users of the child domain present in the branch office.
                  A trust relationship is automatically created between the parent domain and the child domain. This means users in the child domain can access the file server of the parent domain and vice-versa. Moreover users of either domain can use clients of either domain for logging in the domain but a user can always logon only in the domain in which his account resides, though he physically can use client PC of parent or child domain. 



1. Configure a 2003 server computer as DC with domain name as This will be the DC of your parent domain.
2. To create DC of child domain, go to another 2003 server computer and in the TCP/IP, give DNS server address for
3. In the RUN, type
4. Click O.K.
5. Click next > next.
6. Select 'Domain controller for........’
7. Click next > Select 'Child domain in an existing...........’
8. Click next > type username as administrator and password of the DC. In the domain, type
9. Click next > Browse > select > O.K.
10. In the child domain, type chd
11. Click next > next > next > finish.
12. Now this will be the DC of the child domain