RIS is a service used to install windows on many fresh client computers over network by configuring a server computer called RIS server. Network Installation of Windows through RIS is fast and helpful in large networks for installing Windows.
               The RIS sever must have following features:
1. Active Directory with DNS or server be member of the domain
3. At least one NTFS partition
4. At least two drives (e.g. c-drive & d-drive)
5. RIS service configured & started
6. Image of Windows to be installed on the clients

                  The Client PC must have following features:
1. NIC card with PXE chip. If PXE is not present, you can use RIS boot floppy.
2. Connected to network

                     PXE (Pre-boot Execution Environment) is a chip containing boot files which help a PC to boot from the NIC card or network.


1. Go to a 2003 server computer, install Active Directory with DNS.
2. Install and configure DHCP.
3. Now go to control panel > add or remove programs > add/remove windows components > select 'Remote Installation Services' > next > finish.
4. Restart the PC.
5. Now go to programs > administrative tools > Remote Installation services setup or in the RUN, type risetup > O.K.
6. Click next.
7. RemoteInstall is a folder containing images of windows. Just click next.
8. Select 'Respond to client computers requesting service'.
9. Click next.
10. Insert the CD of Win XP Prof. and click next.
11. Click next > next > finish.
12. When file copying is completed, click on 'done'.
13. Restart the PC.
14. When the server has started, go to client PC.
15. Configure the BIOS of the client to boot from PXE or network or enable LAN BootROM.
16. Restart the PC.
17. When the PC starts and gets ip from the RIS server, press F12 on the keyboard quickly.
18. Client Installation Wizard will start. Click next.
19. Enter username as Administrator and password of the RIS server.
20. Press Enter.
21. Again press Enter to start installation of Windows XP professional.


          If your clients are not PXE-compliant or they don't have PXE, then you can use RIS boot floppy.
To prepare RIS boot floppy. Go to your RIS server and insert a formatted floppy into the floppy drive. Now open 'RemoteInstall' folder > admin > i386 and click on rbfg.exe
                   Click on Create Disk.
                   The RIS boot floppy is supported only for certain NIC cards.
                   To use this floppy, go to client, insert floppy and start the client PC booting from the floppy.