Computer shortcuts is very important for your daily work on computer. Shortcut keys is improve the speed of your computer or save your time. In this Article we have show you some useful keyboard shortcuts keys and there uses.

Keyboard shortcut keys in computer


ALT + F4   Closed the Active Programs
ALT + Enter Display Properties for Selected Programs
ALT + Spacebar Open Short menu for selected program
ALT + TAB Select to open all current Programs


CTRL + A Select to all item
CTRL + B Change text to bold
CTRL + C Copy Selected item
CTRL + D Change Selected font style
CTRL + F Find in current windows
CTRL + I Change Selected text to italics style
CTRL + K Insert Hyperlink
CTRL + N Create new Documents or File
CTRL + O Open a file
CTRL + P Print command
CTRL + S Save file
CTRL + U UnderlineText
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + ESC Open start menu
CTRL + Shift + ESC Open task Manager
CTRL + Shift + TAB Move Backward though tabs

Windows Button

Windows button  Display or hide a start menu
Windows + D Show the desktop
Windows + M     Minimize all windows 
Windows + E To open my computer
Windows + F Search file or folder
Windows + L Lock computer account or  Switch current user
Windows + R Open RUN box
Windows + U Open utility manager 
Windows +shift + M Restore minimized windows

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift five times Switch sticky keys on or off
Shift eight times(Right side) Switch filter keys on or off
Home Display top active window
End Display bottom of active window

F1 to F12 Shortcuts

  • Find a help in current topic.
  • Win + F1 = Find Windows Help & Support.
  • Enter in CMOSE  setup.
  • Rename a Selected file.
  • Ctrl + F2 =  View Print preview in MS Office.
  • Alt +  Ctrl + F2 = Open new documents in MS Office
  • Enter in CMOSE Setup
  • Repeat last commend in DOS.
  • Open Search Box.
  • Shift + F3 = Change all text to Lower or Upper case in MS Office.
  • Win + F3 = Open find now.
  • Display Address bar.
  • Alt + F4 = Close the current program in windows.
  • Ctrl + F4 = Closed All Running programs in windows.
  • Use for Refresh 
  • Open Find & Replaced option in MS Office
  • View Slideshow in MS PowerPoint.
  • Go to Next Screen in Windows
  • Select Address bar in Browser
  • Ctrl + Shift + F6 = View to All opens MS Office file one by one.
  • Check Grammars and Spelling in MS Office
  • Turns On Caret browsing in Mozilla Firefox
  • Shift + F7 = Runs a thesaurus check on the word Highlighted. 
  • Open to Windows Startup mode (safe mode and more)
  • Extended Selection in MS Office
  • Use to Refresh in MS Office.
  • Send and Received Email In MS Outlook.
  • Go to boot menu in HP/Compaq  computers.
  • Reduce screen brightness in some laptops.
  • Use for Enter in CMOSE setup.
  • Activate menu bar in computer
  • Increase brightness in Some Laptops.
  • Shift + F10 = Right Click on Selected item.
  • Go to full screen in Computer
  • Go to Recovery Consol in Hp /Compaq laptop or computers.
  • Go to Boot Menu
  • Open save as in Ms Office
  • Ctrl + F12 = open new file in MS Office.
  • Ctrl + Shift + F12 = Go to Print option in MS Office.

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