Hikvision is now introducing a cloud-based service called Hik-Connect, which integrates the Dynamic Domain Name Service with alarm PUSH notification services. 


HiDDNS is a old web portal that's is provided by Hik-vision. HiDDNS is the Dynamic Domain Name Service provided by Hikvision  for remote access. But now hikvision is introducing hik-connect cloud based service that's is  integrates the Dynamic Domain Name Service with alarm PUSH notification services.  And HiDDNS service is migrates to hik-connect. 

After 16 February 2017  Hikvision customer  will not able to register device on HiDDNS. After that user not able to create new account on www.hik-online.com. But good news to existing user, that's  existing device  functionally on hiddns that will not  be affected.

Due to this change, every customer now using the HiDDNS service will need to migrate to Hik-Connect. Alternatively, customers still have the option to use other third-party DDNS providers, such as DynDNS, NO-IP and PeanutHull.

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How to configure DVR step by step:-
  1. Upgrade device to proper firmware that supports Hik-Connect
  2. Enable “Hik-Connect” on device local or Web GUI, and configure corresponding parameters if necessary
  3. Download the Hik-Connect App or iVMS-4500 App from the IOS App store/Google Play
  4. Register user’s personal account via email or phone number at Hik-Connect App/Hik Connect web portal/iVMS-4200/iVMS-4500
  5. Add user’s owned devices into user’s registered account
  6. The new registered device is ready to use

Download hik-connect app for Android     Download now 
Download hik-connect app for App store   Download now

That's is a new app for hikvision dvr witch support cloud function. You have just need to create account and add a device to view cctv cameras online.

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