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How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

In this article i have help you to configure cpplus DVR online by DDNS. For configure CP plus DVR online you have need to follow some steps : -
Login your CP plus in computer with DVR ip address or open DVR on LED screen by VGA or HDMI cable.

1. Go to setup
2. Click on Network and select TCP/IP  option.
3. Select static and enter IP Address for your DVR. (Enter ip address same as your  router ip series)

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For Example :-

  • IP Address  
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway     (Your router IP address)  
  • Pre. DNS    
  • Alt. DNS     
4. Click on Save button.

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

5. Now go to DDNS option >Setup >Network > DDNS
6. In DDNS option click enable DDNS. 
7. Select CP Plus DDNS- free in DDNS type option.
8. Enter your Domain name that you want to set 
9. See your URL ( and click on save button. (before clicking on save button see internet status connect or not)

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

Now time to router setup (Port forwarding)
Login in your router. open your router setting by IP address If you don't know your router ip address then see IP address user name and password back side of your router device )

10. Go to application and go to DMZ host. (In some routers you can find DMZ setting in advanced menu)

11. Click on enable to enable DMZ .  Enter IP address of your DVR device in DMZ host IP address and click on save button

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

12. Now open web browser in your in your computer enter your URL ( .

How to configure CP Plus DVR online by CP Plus DDNS

Congratulation your CP Plus DVR is now configured for online viewing by DDNS.

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  1. Usefull Information, Great Article, thnks for Sharing this.

    1. after the DMZ enable & Doamin name activeted also it is not available online or remote view online

    2. we are not able to get onlineview after DMZ enable and domain register with cpplusfreeddns,plz suggest

    3. first check your all port are open or not
      check your port here

  2. Hello Mr.Sudesh, Good morning. Pls send me your mobile number as I have a problem with my CP Plus DVR configuration. I will call you. You can send me your number to my gmail [email protected]

  3. in cp plus i am not able acces the camera from outside evnthrough internal ip is mapped with public ip ....when i try to login login failed ..plz any one help me from this issue

    1. Follow these steps it should work. or if not work so change your dvr port 80 to 81

  4. Replies
    1. 192.168.1 is your default ip series
      you can set 192.168.1.(1 to 254) in your dvr that's you want

  5. CP Plus dvr login failed issue from public ip. I can able to open the login page form public ip but its not login. Message from webpage Login failed.
    PORT 80 and 443 both are open.

  6. I am not able to login from public ip. Getting message from web page Login failed.
    Can you suggest the solution regarding this issue. Port 80 and 443 both are open. I am using cp plus dvr. I can able to login from local ip but when i m trying to login from public ip its appearing login failed. login page is open from public ip.

    1. You can not login with public ip. if you want to login with ip so you have need to static ip address that's provided you by your ISP. and make sure that you have enter your dvr ip address in NAT setting of DMZ in your router.