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How to configure cp plus DVR online view by software in PC

In this post we will learn how to configure cp plus DVR software for pc. You can easily view cctv cameras in your mobile but main problem is to view your cctv camera in computer. But now you can easily view your cp plus dvr online in your pc after reading this post.

When we see cpplus DVR online in mobile then we may need mobile app. Similarly in computer software is required for view online CCTV cameras. You will just need to install software in your computer and configure it for view cp plus dvr online anywhere in computer.

Now you need to know that which software is installed in the computer. This software is KVMS pro that's available for both windows and mac. So for view your cpplus dvr online in computer first you have need to download kvms pro software in your computer and install it.

Click here to download kvms pro

Now we need to configure KVMS pro for online view

1. Open kvms pro (default username 'admin' and password 'admin' in kvms software) and click on devices under setting option.

How to configure cp plus online view software for pc

If you want to add device on local network so set your ip range and just click on search button your device is show under online devices. select your online device and simple click on add device. 
2. When devices is open then  click on manual add button to add your cpplus DVR. 
3. In manual add input device info.
  • Device name  - any name that's you want
  • Register mode - Select Instaon (you can also set ip domain here if you set ip domain so you have need to configure your dvr on cpplus ddns. How to configure cp plus dvr online by cp plus ddns )
  • S/n - enter your dvr serial no here
  • Username - Enter your dvr username 
  • Password - Enter your dvr user password

4. Click on save and continue button. after that your DVR is now added on under online all devices. Now your DVR device is configure successfully for online view. 

How to configure cp plus online view software for pc

Before see DVR online make sure that your DVR device is show online or not.

How to configure cp plus online view software for pc

How to view live after configuration of DVR online.

5. Go to home page and select live view. When live view window is open double click on your DVR name for example my dvr.

How to configure cp plus online view software for pc

Now you see your dvr device live in computer anywhere. 

I hope this article is helps you to view your cpplus dvr online in computer by cpplus dvr software for pc. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.

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  1. Is it their own Software???

  2. Hi,
    We require software for our CP PLUS dvr to check in laptop, please suggest

    1. Download kvms pro and this is also available on our download page for windows and mac.
      thanks for visit us.

  3. hi...i am facing some problem with software...after adding cams to pc nvr its showing
    unknown channel

  4. hi while I am trying to do the same I see an issue as "Device is not found on P2P service!" how to resolve this ? and

  5. i heve turned on matrix mode and i am unable to stop that, please help

    1. i havde not understand your problem. pls tell with detail