Virtual memory is a inbuilt memory in your computer. That's helps to run application in your os and also help to run your computer faster. If your computer physical memory is low and your computer is running slow so you can increase your computer speed by increase your computer virtual memory. When you run multi application on same time in your computer then your computer running slow in this case virtual memory helps you to boost your computer speed.

How to increase virtual memory in computer and speed up of your computer

So in this post i will show you how you can increase your computer virtual memory and increase your computer speed easily.

1 Right click on My computer and open properties.

open system properties.

2. Click on System protection.
3. Go to advance tab
4. Under Performance click on setting button.

open system properties.

5. Go to advance tab
6. Under Virtual memory click on change button

open virtual memory in computer

7. In virtual memory window un-check box on Automatically manage paging file size for all drives 
8.Click on custom size and enter your intial size and maximuam size in MB. (you can set your virtual memory size by that's free space available in your computer for example see image below 37927 is space available)

9. And click on Set button.
10. Click on OK button.

set virtual memory in computer

Now your virtual memory size is increased.

virtual memory set

I hope this article is helps you to increase virtual memory in your computer. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.

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