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How to update CP Plus dvr firmware for Instaon

In old cpplus dvr instaon cloud function is not available. We know that instaon is cloud base service that's use for view cpplus dvr online on smartphone or internet all over the world. Instaon cloud base service is provided by cpplus and its very easy to use.

In some cpplus dvr's instaon cloud option is not available. Because in old dvr's firmware is old. If you want to use instaon cloud base service in your dvr so you need to update your old dvr firmware to new firmware that's include instaon service.

To update cpplus dvr firmware is vary easy and in this article I have help to update your cpplus dvr firmware.
First you have need to download cpplus dvr firmware for your dvr :-

Download here :- CP Plus dvr Instaon firmware - Download 

  • Download the Firmware file from Cpplus website  (if you have not found so send your dvr model no in comment box)
  • Rename downloaded File With “Update”
  • Copy Update.bin file in your Pen Drive after formatting in fat 32 format and connect with your DVR in USB port (you can update your dvr with direct usb device but i can suggest you to update your firmware with lan through computer)

Update CP Plus dvr firmware for Instaon

1. Connect your dvr with computer through LAN cable. Open internet explorer enter your dvr ip address to open your dvr software.

2. Enter your username and password select LAN and click on login button.

open cpplus dvr in browser

3. Go to Setup
4. Click on system
5. Click on Upgrade
6. Click on Browse button (Select location of your downloaded firmware file)
7. Click on Upgrade button.

go to setup in cpplus dvr

8. Your dvr firmware is updating please wait for some time when your dvr is rebooting.

update cpplus dvr firmware

After reboot your dvr is ready to use instaon cloud base service.
Before updating sure that your dvr's power adaptor is connected with UPS. Because if power off during this process then your dvr is not working properly after that. 

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  1. Replies
    1. you can download firmware for your model 1601h1f-xu dvr

  2. Hi Sudesh,
    My DVR model no. is CP-UAR-0401P1-C. I need Instaon firmware for my CP plus DVR. Please help us

    1. vivek plz send correct model of your dvr i have not found this model. if i found then i send you keep in touch.
      and careful upload only correct firmware.

  3. CP-1601H1-XU firmware for DVR with instaon

    1. download firmware for your model 1601h1f-xu dvr

  4. Thanks sudesh for your support and firmware file

  5. Replies
    1. hello Mohtashim Danish thanks for visit
      this model no id discontinued from cplus if i foud this model firmware then i send u soon. keep in touch

    2. hello danish
      Kindly share current firmware details and issue with existing firmware, so that we could assist you accordingly.
      os send me a photo your current firmware detail

  6. Hi Sudesh,
    My DVR model no. is CP-UAR-0801-H1 & CP-UAR-0801-M1. I need Instaon firmware for my CP plus DVR. Please help us

    1. instaon firmware not available for these models. they are not up-gradable.

  7. hi sudesh.. is instacloud software available for CP-UAR-0400M1

  8. Hi Sudesh,
    My DVR model no. is CP-UAR-0400M1. I need Instaon firmware for my CP plus DVR. Please help

  9. Please help me with