If you looking for new computer then you can easily build a desktop Computer manually. Its vary easy. You have need to just buy some computer parts from shop or online store. And then you can assemble your computer.   


In this post we have know How to build a desktop Computer . First you have need to know what parts are required for computer assemble. So don't wary just read this article and  build a desktop computer PC by following some steps.  

Required Parts for  build a Desktop Computer 

  • Computer case
  • SMPS
  • Microprocessor (CPU with CPU fan)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Hard disk drive
  • DVR R/W
  • Graphics card if you required batter graphics 

      If you just want to read, the basic steps are as follows:
computer case

  • 1. Install the power supply  in your computer casing 
  • 2. Now Fix Microprocessor CPU on motherboard CPU socket And install CPU fan on it.

install cpu fan

  • 3. Now Fix motherboard in your casing and add Screw in your motherboard. (Make sure that all screw are installed or your motherboard is not loose in casing)
install computer motherboard

  • 4. Now Insert your RAM into the ram slots. Make sure it’s inserted properly, such that the little clips at the sides snap all the way in.
install computer ram

  • 5. Install Hard disk drive in your casing with help for screw and connect HDD with sata cable with motherboard and sata power connector with SMPS.
  • 6. Install DVD R/w same as HDD installation.
  • 7. Install your graphics card into the PCI-E slot if you have required it.(Its mainly required for playing games)
  • 8. Now time to close computer case but before that check all connection are connected and close
  • Now you have assemble your computer success fully. If you like this article than share it with your friends.